Why Physicians Are Concerned About the Future of the Profession

Technological advancements in medicine have given patients more hope than ever when it comes to the treatment of illness and disease. However, many physicians are not as hopeful about the future of medicine as their patients may be. A large percentage of doctors are quite concerned about how the profession may change in the coming years and what might cause such changes to take place.

Pessimism About the Work

Many doctors are concerned that pessimism about the industry may cause those with an interest in medicine to avoid the field. Negative feelings about pursuing this career are being caused by several factors:

  • The cost of schooling
  • A decline in pay for physicians
  • Changes in medical practices
While some physicians are happy in their careers, a significant percentage may retire early because of negative emotions connected to their jobs.

A Decline in Clinical Autonomy

Some doctors are unhappy with a decline in clinical autonomy. When a doctor can decide about the course of a patient’s treatment on an independent basis, he or she may feel that they are more involved in how that individual is affected. However, interference from government and insurance entities may further reduce clinical autonomy in the future, drawing fewer qualified people to the field.