Overnight Data Entry of Demographics, Billing, and Payments

  • Data entry of new patients, demographics updates of existing patients, billing data entry, and posting of payments to your patient accounts, is done overnight! You will see the results the next day by logging into the website.

Proofreading of Data Entry

  • Proofreading for accuracy is something everyone would like to do, but cannot do for lack of resources. We do it! We proofread ALL the data entry done by us to ensure that what you gave us to enter has been accurately entered.

Claim Validations (Scrubbing)

  • We run all data entry through our very powerful validation routines. These are the same checks insurance companies put the claims through. We fix all errors that can be fixed, and clearly flag on the website, all items that you or your staff will need to help us fix. This substantially reduces rejections by insurance companies for edit reasons.

Electronic Submissions of Your Claims and Monitoring of Submissions Reports

  • Within 24 to 36 hours after receiving your work, all clean claims will get electronically transmitted to insurance companies. We also monitor and take action on all transmission reports and electronic rejections.

Unresponded Claims Followup

  • We follow up on all unresponded claims within 30 days of submission to confirm that they have been received by the insurance companies. This ensures that you do not hit any timely filing issues, and avoids unnecessary delays in your payments.

Aging Report Processing

  • Even though we submit only clean claims, submit to secondary insurances as soon as the primary payment is received, and regularly balance bill your patients, some balances will continue to age. We monitor all balances that are 60 days or greater, and take appropriate action, either by fixing the issue or flagging this nonpayment on the Uncollectible section of the website, so you can take appropriate action.

Denied Claims Appeals

  • Since our powerful claim validation routines include all edits used by insurance companies, a denied claim for edit reasons is almost always appealed by us, frequently resulting in additional payments to you.

Mailing of Primary Paper Claims, Secondary and Tertiary Claims, and Patient Bills

  • Primary paper claims are mailed within 24 to 36 hours after receipt of your work. Secondary claims and patient bills are printed and mailed immediately after payments are posted to your patient accounts.

Responding to Patient Billing Inquiries

  •  The patient bills carry our phone number for billing inquiries, and we answer all billing-related questions from your patients.

Digitizing of Your Paper and Linking of Scanned Documents to Data Rows to Enable Instant Access of Billing and Payment Documents

  • This is a unique feature of our service. All the paper you send us is scanned and digitized. We then link all the scanned patient demographics, superbills, hospital face sheets, EOBs, etc. to the data entry rows, enabling you to instantly find, view, and print your original documents. Click on a payment row and instantly see the EOB used to apply the payment, or click on a billing row and instantly see your superbill or face sheet, et

Complete 24/7 Online Access to Your Data

  • From the website, you can see everything we have done on your account as soon as we do it. The website allows you to see every detail you could possibly want to see. In addition, you can run most commonly used practice management reports at any time you wish, from any computer with an internet connection.