Frequently Asked Questions

We are a complete medical billing service dedicated to providing you and your practice a full-service medical billing service. We will give you the special attention your practice deserves.

We serve different specialties from single-doctor practices to large multiprovider and multifacility practices.

Unlike other medical billing services, we offer a state-of-the-art system that makes proactive enhancement to business process automation and in-house software to comply with regulatory and industry mandated changes.

All your documents will be available to you – a few key clicks away – on our website!

Why should I outsource my billing?

  • You have outsourced other professionals – why not billing? You have probably outsourced in areas such as legal, accounting, accounts payable, janitorial, equipment maintenance, etc. You hire these professionals outside of your office because it is much less expensive than employing them in your office. The same holds true for billing. It is much less expensive to let our staff of highly trained billers service your claims professionally, than to hire someone most likely less experienced to do it in your office. Take a look at our benefits page for more information on the savings of outsourcing.

Are you compliant with billing regulations?

  • We are compliant with all regulations; including, but not limited to HIPAA, Medicare, DMERC, and we diligently follow the Medical Billing Code of Ethics. We strive to stay current on all changes and keep our clients informed of any changes, as well.

What specialties do you bill for?

  • We accept and are able to service all specialties. We also have recent experience with mental health and endocrinology. Basic billing and coding are the same for all specialties, although we do understand that each specialty does have its own set of rules for coding, and we are more than willing and able to obtain that information for any specialty.

Do you bill electronically?

  • Yes! We bill directly to most carriers. In addition, we are set up to bill Medicare, BCBS, Tricare, and all state agencies directly, bypassing the clearinghouse. We will send out paper claims for any that are not available electronically. We also bill all secondaries that are not Medigap.

Do you send patient statements?

  • Yes! That is also part of our complete billing service. We send statements every 35 days. We notify your office of any balances that become delinquent. We will perform soft collections on these accounts, but (if necessary and with your permission) may turn some over to a collection agency. We currently work with North American Recovery, Inc.; however, if you have an agency you like, we will be glad to work with them.

Where are the payments sent?

  • Payments are ALWAYS sent to your office or the location of your choosing. We DO NOT handle money directly in any form. All we ask is that when you receive payments, whether from an insurance company or a patient, you send the information to us either in the form of copies or scanned documents.

Is my data absolutely safe?

  • Yes, we make every effort to maintain your data in a safe manner. Our computer system is maintained by IBM in two different sites. They check our computers at regular intervals to make sure backups are successful. Backup materials are taken off-site on a daily basis for added protection. We also keep scanned copies of all information sent to our office such as patient demographics, superbills, EOBs, etc. This allows us to retrieve this information immediately when necessary.

What reports do you provide?

  • All reports are available online via the web through our practice management program. By request we can send you on a regular basis a Monthly Practice Analysis. This report will include charges, payments, adjustments, outstanding A/R, diagnosis, procedure, and referring physician reports, as well as a trend analysis that is updated each month so that you can see where your practice has been in order to see where it is going. These figures can also be broken down by office or physician if that is your need. We also provide other regular reports as needed. We want you to be involved and know exactly where you stand, we will do whatever we can in order to accomplish your report needs.

What are your fees?

  • Our fees are determined on an individual basis. Your fee will be determined based on your specialty, the number of physicians and offices, the number of patients seen, and your average collected amount per month. Most of our rates average anywhere between 4% and 7%.

If we choose your service, will there be any “downtime” during the transition?

  • Very little, if any. We can begin entering charges and payments almost immediately. The only thing that would cause any delays is setting up the electronic claims transmission accessibility for your office. This process can take two to four weeks for some carriers, such as Medicare, DMERC, Tricare, and BCBS. Others will set up much quicker. Unless you have a very high Medicare practice, the gap caused during setup is hardly noticeable. Even Medicare is getting faster with the introduction of PECOS and Total Onboarding. If you are able to plan ahead a few weeks, we can eliminate the gap altogether.