How Does It Work?


  • All services necessary to maximize your collections are included in this option. You only need to send us your work either by scanning and electronically uploading it to us, mailing it to us, or having us pick it up from your office. Please see the Services page for a detailed list of services.


  • No wasted time and effort on trying to get your claims paid
  • No hardware or software to buy and support
  • Multiple redundant backups of your data
  • Web access to all your data, including ability to run any reports

Turnaround Time

  • If you electronically send us a day’s worth of work every day, it will be completed overnight
  • You will see the results on the website the next morning

Data Access

  • Real-time web access to all your patient billing and payment records
  • Access to view/print your original documents
  • Website completely exposes our service, allowing you to freely verify the extent and accuracy of our work
  • 24/7 availability to all commonly used practice management reports
  • Interactive website can be used to send missing information or necessary updates

Your Responsibility

  • Send us your work either by scanning and electronically uploading it to us, or by mail, or by having us pick it up
  • Monitor the Incomplete Information section, and send us any missing information

Your Resource Requirement

  • One hour per week for every $40,000 in monthly collections
  • Time requirements may vary slightly depending on if you scan your work, and the quality and completeness of your scanned documents

Software and Hardware

  • Free state-of-the-art patient scheduler allows you to point and click to schedule appointments, and print day sheets and receipts
  • No hardware or software required – website is available from any browser from any computer connected to the internet

Transition Time to Nationwide Medical Billing

  • One week if you do not want us to convert any existing data
  • Three to four weeks if we convert data from your existing software